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Tokyo, Japan, February 28, 2012
MetaMoJi Corporation, an innovative productivity application developer for tablet and smartphone devices, is pleased to offer the results to evaluate the handwriting experience available on Android devices and iPad/iPhone.

The survey report covers more than 30 tested devices, with a continuing commitment from MetaMoJi to continue evaluating new tablets and smart-phones in the future.

The Android version of 7notes is currently available through our Beta programme, and is due for general release in March 2012. MetaMoJi has spent the past few months testing fingers and styluses on a variety of Android devices, focusing primarily on the control, feel, and fit of the applications when writing. The product was selected as “Best Business Android Application” in the recent R25 awards. According to the R25 judges, the app won the awards due to its outstanding usability and effectiveness as a note taking tool.

7notes’ state-of-the-art handwriting recognition engine, Mazec, allows users to take notes on the go using their fingers or a pen. In addition consumers can use 7notes’ capabilities inside other Android applications such as e-mail, Twitter, and their web browser.

The survey results can be accessed from our website at:

7notes with mazec: Handwriting Experience Survey

For more information about 7notes, please visit MetaMoJi website at

For Android users a beta version of 7notes with device wide handwriting recognition is now available from:
For Kindle Fire users, 7notes premium for Kindle Fire is available from:

7notes for iPhone and iPad is available for download from App Store:

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