The ultimate handwriting app

Lesson.10 - New features of Note Anytime 2, Part 2

An innovative handwriting app for use on all tablets

Further introducing some convenient features

Last time, we provided an outline of all the new features in the major update of Note Anytime, but this time we'll explain the many convenient features that use mazec. There are a lot of handwriting recognition and text functions added now.
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Step1 Register your own abbreviations, making input even simpler.

By making your own shorthand symbols and abbreviations, and registering the combination of shorthand symbols and the phrases they represent, you can produce long sentences with just a few precise strokes. It's very handy for writing long pieces of text.
If there's a phrase you often use, register it as an abbreviation for a longer phrase.   Addresses and telephone numbers can also be registered. Input as shown here, and the registered address or telephone number appears in the edit window.

Step2 Search, find and replace, bullet points, and more. Even more text functions than before

Text functions "find", "replace", "bullet points" have been enhanced this time.
Select "Search Text" from the upper right-hand menu, and a search window to input text will appear.   Choose the list function, press the return key, and the numbers appear. This is really handy.

Step3 Use the text convert function. It even converts scattered text written on the page at different angles.

The convert text function mentioned in the last newsletter can convert text even if it isn't in a conventional horizontal block. Even if text is at various angles, the software analyzes the angles of the text and converts it. Even casual memos can be converted into proper text.
We tried writing some sample text at a few different angles. Naturally, clearly written letters can be recognized more easily.   Even with writing this messy, the software can still determine the angle of the writing and convert it into text. It also adjusts the text size.

Step4 For typical use, the free version is enough. For heavy users, the pro version is handy.

Released on December 25, the Lite and full versions of Note Anytime and Share Anytime on iOS, Android, and Windows 8 have all be updated to Version 2.0. All basic functions can be used in the Lite version. Use the full version to use sharing functions such as hosting meetings and using the shared drive. New functions are always available on the full version first.
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