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What is YACHO?

YACHO is a state-of-the-art app to digitize the paper forms and workbooks used on construction and engineering sites. This app helps to capture structured and un-structured information such as forms and freeform notes. The app makes it possible to record many types of information, create flexible to-do lists and to prioritize items and inspection results.

What devices can YACHO run on?

We recommend that you use the following environment:

  • iOS 7.0 or later
  • iPad Air, iPad (3rd/4th Gen) and iPad2
  • iPad mini with Retina Display and iPad mini

iPhones are not available at this moment.

Do I need to pay for YACHO?

YACHO Free Edition is available after download from the App Store.
The Free Edition includes the following features:

  • Note Creation: Only 1 note
  • Page Creation: Up to 30 pages
  • Item Registration: Up to 3 items
  • Template Registration: Up to 3 templates
  • Voice: 30-day Free Trial
  • Spreadsheet: 30-day Free Trial
  • mazec for Business: 30-day Free Trial

After 30-day free trial, above features are not available.
To continue using the features, please upgrade to the Standard Edition.

Standard Edition

What does the Standard Edition include?

Standard Edition includes:

  • Note Creation: Unlimited
  • Page Creation: Unlimited
  • Item Registration: Up to 50 items
  • Template Registration: Up to 50 templates
  • Voice: Enables audio recording while editing a note
  • Spreadsheet: Add tabular data and calculations to a note
Where can I buy a Standard Edition license?

You can buy a Standard Edition add-on from > [Add-on Store].
If you purchase the licenses using an invoice, contact sales@metamoji.com by e-mail.

How can I buy multiple Standard Edition licenses for my organization?

To purchase more than one licenses, contact sales@metamoji.com by e-mail.

What happens if my Standard Edition license expires?

You will be able to use the app as the Free Edition.
Your created notes and registered items can be used after the expiration.

MetaMoJi ID

What is MetaMoJi ID?

A MetaMoJi ID is an account for using MetaMoJi's apps commonly. The registration is free.
To register your account, your name, e-mail address, and organization name are required.

Is it necessary to have a MetaMoJi ID?

You can use the YACHO app without your MetaMoJi ID account.
However, you need it to activate your Free Trial for Voice, Spreadsheet and mazec for Business.

mazec for Business

What is mazec for Business?

mazec for Business is a handwriting recognition add-on that allows you to convert handwritten text to typed text on the fly or later, instead of typing into your software keyboard.

What is difference between mazec for Business and the mazec input method app?

mazec for Business can convert handwritten text to typed text in real time or later within the YACHO app.
On the other hand, IME mazec can convert your handwriting only in real time, but the app can be used within other apps.


How do I share my note with other people?

After you create and edit a note, please tap > [Send].
You can send your note via Email, to other applications such as Dropbox or OneDrive, and to iTunes.

I cannot find an answer on this page.

Please have a look into the Quick Guide.

If your question is about licenses or business concern, please send it to sales@metamoji.com.

Otherwise (technical questions, troubles, requests, etc.) send your question to support_anytime@metamoji.com.

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