Do I need to pay for Palu?

No, but the app does additional features that are paid add-ons. These include adding more calendars and removing ads.

What devices does Palu run on?

You can use Palu on iPad, iPad mini, iPhone, iPod Touch. The device must be running iOS9.0 or later. In addition, Android5.0 or later. (It may not be usable depending on the model.)

Is it necessary to register my e-mail address to use Palu?

You do not have to register your email address or give any other personal information.

I’d like to see two calendars at the same time.

By holding down on the tab of a calendar that you want to see you can overlap two calendars on the screen.

How many calendars can I create?

You can create three calendars including shared calendars. If you purchase the Add More Calendars add-on, you will be able to increase the maximum number of calendars to seven on the iPad, and five on the iPhone.

How can I hide the ads shown in Palu.

You can make an in-app purchase to remove advertisements.

How do I share my calendar with other people?

Please follow these steps:

  1. Tap the tab of a calendar that you want to share.
  2. Tap “Share Settings”.
  3. Set “Share This Calendar” to ON; your calendar data will be uploaded to the server.
  4. Select “Invite Friends (view only access)” or “Invite Friends (full access)”.
  5. Specify the email address of your friend(s) on the email screen and then send the invitation mail.
How can I share my calendars between iPad and iPhone?

Send a calendar share invitation to yourself (from your main device) and follow the share instructions on your secondary device.

How can I terminate sharing calendars?

Please set “Share This Calendar” to OFF in Share Settings. Your data will be deleted from the server and sharing stopped immediately.

How do I share with specific members?

It is possible for all users who received an invitation mail from Palu to access your calendar data. If recipients forward the share invitation then these additional recipients will also gain access to the calendar. You should explain this to your friends and colleagues before giving them access to any sensitive information.

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