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January, 2012

  • Webinar recording: “The World of 7notes for Android” now available | 01-30-2012

    This is a recording of our live webinar “The World of 7notes for Android” from the 23rd of January 2012. In this presentation we show 7notes for Android and also the Amazon Kindle Fire and explain the differences between these versions. The presentation also explains how the Android version of 7notes includes a very powerful feature: the ability to utilise […]

    by mmjEn_7notesBlog | Posted in Business, Education, for android, for Kindle Fire, Product Features, Productivity
  • A great video review by Greg | 01-12-2012

    That was a great offer from Greg to have a video review. Even we have a strong confidence of product feature , we don’t have much way to talk about this to many people. To us , having any review comment is great and a vider review is much more than great , even the contents is severe. I like […]

    by mmjEn_7notesBlog | Posted in for Kindle Fire, Movies
  • 7notes for Kindle Fire | 01-06-2012

    When I had a chance to touch my Kindle Fire , I instantly understand the power of this new device. 7knowledge development team showed early prototype on “7notes for android” us which was really really great. There were many rumors as “Kindle Fire is poor and far behind iPad2”. But at least , handwriting note taking , this is not […]

    by mmjEn_7notesBlog | Posted in for Kindle Fire