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October, 2011

  • A 7notes Halloween | 10-29-2011

    With Halloween only a few days away, we have released FREE Halloween templates for our users for this special occasion. There are four templates to choose from and many more from our gallery. If you have to send out any invitations to a party, this works great. Also kids love to get their creative juices going with these templates and […]

    by mmjEn_7notesBlog | Posted in Miscellaneous
  • 7notes helping the Elderly | 10-28-2011

    Technology moves at such a breakneck speed that if you aren’t following it consistently, you are bound to be left behind. There has been a lot of research lately about the effects of mobile computing on the elderly. So far the results have been very positive. Research has indicated that older people can read three times faster using the iPad […]

    by mmjEn_7notesBlog | Posted in Education, FAQ
  • A Hands-On Review of 7notes HD Premium v1.1 for iPad | 10-22-2011

    Recently, we released 7notes HD Premium v1.1 to the public a few days ago. So far, we are getting great feedback about this new version of 7notes for iPad. One review of the new version of 7notes that we wanted to highlight is from Here is an excerpt from the article: “7Notes HD Premium is an impressive app. I […]

    by mmjEn_7notesBlog | Posted in for iPad, Miscellaneous
  • 7notes for iPad Update v1.1 Available Now | 10-21-2011

    We have just released an updated version of 7notes v1.1 for Ipad!  With the recent release of iOS5, our developers wanted to optimize 7notes to fit this new experience. The updated version now includes adjusted dialog windows for iOS5 compatibility and enhanced connection with Evernote. We hope you enjoy it! What’s New in Version 1.1 – Adjustment of dialog windows […]

    by mmjEn_7notesBlog | Posted in for iPhone, Press Release
  • 7notes in the Classroom | 10-20-2011

    Here is an example of how 7notes can be used in the classroom. Susan, an employee at a local tech company, is currently enrolled at City College in an extension class.  She had a problem and 7notes came to the rescue. “My class, “Introduction to Internet Marketing” had a special review seminar. Unfortunately, I missed the session and was left […]

    by mmjEn_7notesBlog | Posted in Education, Miscellaneous
  • Social Doodling – New experience of social writing | 10-08-2011

      “Social doodling” means Share your writing with your friends with “Edit It” server. 7notes HD offers a social writing experience by providing “Edit it” server functions. Post notes to e-mail, SMS, Facebook or Twitter in our 7document format. The viewer of the note can start reediting the note by simply pressing “Edit it” button. The “Edit it” server inherits […]

    by mmjEn_7notesBlog | Posted in Miscellaneous, Movies
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  • 7 Reasons to Use the New 7notes Version for iPhone | 10-07-2011

    Here are 7 features we think you will like on the new version 1.4 for 7notes. #1 New wide input area makes the tiny iPhone keyboard obsolete You should have experienced mistakes by iPhone’s tiny software keyboard. 7notes brings comfortable text input mode which should be much better than iPhone’s tiny software keyboard. The first is “Stroke” mode for handwriting […]

    by mmjEn_7notesBlog | Posted in for iPhone, Product Features