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That was a great offer from Greg to have a video review.

Even we have a strong confidence of product feature , we don’t have much way to talk about this to many people.

To us , having any review comment is great and a vider review is much more than great , even the contents is severe.

I like Greg’s review video since this shows values of 7notes clearly and concisely. And I hope all of you enjoy it.


“Social doodling” means Share your writing with your friends with “Edit It” server.

7notes HD offers a social writing experience by providing “Edit it” server functions. Post notes to e-mail, SMS, Facebook or Twitter in our 7document format. The viewer of the note can start reediting the note by simply pressing “Edit it” button. The “Edit it” server inherits the same privacy policy of the social network that you are posting to. Users can this feature within Facebook Groups to collaborate amongst friends or as a message board on Twitter. See the video below for an example:

This is a quick tour video by Frackulous explaining three input mode of 7notes.

  • Extended Software Keyboard
  • Handwriting Stroke Image
  • Handwriting to Digital Text conversion (Premium version)

7notes HD Premium – iPad App Review – Frackulous 286