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Technology moves at such a breakneck speed that if you aren’t following it consistently, you are bound to be left behind.

There has been a lot of research lately about the effects of mobile computing on the elderly. So far the results have been very positive. Research has indicated that older people can read three times faster using the iPad than a traditional book, due to its LED screen. With this knowledge of increased reading speeds for the elderly using digital media, the logical next step is to try to help with writing speed.

With 7notes, we are always trying to close this gap. Our goal is to fuse usability and features seamlessly together and ease the transition into digital notetaking.

We recently talked to Pat, a 82 year old, living in San Francisco. Here is what he had to say about 7notes:

“Technology changes so often. I still remember when using a typewriter was considered high-tech. When the PC became commonplace, I found myself lost with all the options and menus that pop up for such a simple task.

I love that all my notes are in one place. I used to scatter my notes all over my desk and it was always so hard to keep track of them.

The ability to enlarge text makes it so easy to read. Having template for different occasions is useful and being able to actually practice my handwriting is a great plus.

With 7notes, I feel like I’m learning something that I can share with my grandkids.

Thanks a million, 7notes!”

We are often asked “How can I send my 7Note document to Evernote?”

To send your 7notes document to Evernote you use the following process:

  1. Select “Export” from the title bar (top right)
  2. Select “Send to Application”
  3. Select the format you want (e.g. for handwriting select image, or for text, select Text (Focused Unit)
  4. Inside the “Open In…” window you should see Evernote along with other applications that can receive the format you selected



You must have installed the Evernote application for your device for it to appear in the list. If it doesn’t appear but is installed then try to reset the device to ensure that the applications have all been refreshed.

One of the questions that we get asked a lot is “How to share 7Notes documents using Dropbox?”.

  • Select the “Export” button at the top-right of your document
  • When the “Send to…” window appears select the option “Send to Application
  • You can now choose the format that you want to save your 7Notes document as.  For example, “PDF“.
    If you are wanting to back-up or share your actual 7notes document into Dropbox, the “7notes Document” format should be used.
  • The “Open In…” window will appear.  You may need to scroll down through the list to find Dropbox.
    Once you find the Dropbox option, select it.
  • The Dropbox application will now start and prompt you to select a location to save your selected document format.

– The 7Notes Support Team