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Business strategy

After one year we have evaluated our 7notes product and identified that the current pricing needs to be modified.

Our development and production costs have increased and this regrettably means that we need to raise the price of 7notes.

This price increase is something that we must do to provide new and existing customers with the quality of product they expect from MetaMoJi.

The increase will take effect beginning November 26th.


the 7notes team.

On Nov. 7th, Phil Libin, the CEO of Evernote stopped by our Tokyo office to discuss a unique collaboration with our team.

What came of it after discussing and brainstorming, we both felt that 7notes can provide a superior note taking experience, with its state-of-the-art handwriting recognition engine. The popular app can be used for both work and life, across a variety of settings where a keyboard based mobile computer doesn’t fit, including; meetings, in the classroom, mobile workers, workers in the field, hospitals and so on.

With Evernote offering “Capture anything, Access anywhere, Find things fast” multi device platform and with 7notes’ “this is how you should take notes” outstanding handwriting experience, this collaboration will increase Evernote users’ benefits.

 “This collaboration is good for both parties” said Phil Libin, ”7notes’ ability to use a device naturally with Evernote’s multi-platform note curating capability will make usability in the mobile phone and tablet environments enhanced.”

This new relationship with Evernote that will provide an enhanced collaboration with the next major update of our popular 7notes handwriting app for iPhones and iPads in mid-November. With 7notes’ Evernote enhancement add-on, users will be able to retrieve all notes in Evernote from 7notes and save 7notes documents into Evernote with its notebook and tag features in a smart manner.  Together, Evernote and 7knowledge will develop an enhanced experience for users worldwide.

 “The wants and needs of tablet users are the same as mobile users – they want work and live using their tablets, which often means creating and sharing a variety of content from photos to work documents,” said Kaz Ukigawa, the CEO of 7knowledge.  “7notes is quickly becoming an iPad power app and with this new series of features, 7notes for iPad will make it easier for users to create and share content via unique handwriting app and Evernote connectivity.”

 Please watch out for this new and exciting update of 7notes HD coming soon in mid-November.

In Guy Kawasaki’s book, The Art of the Start: The Time-Tested, Battle-Hardened Guide for Anyone Starting Anything, he said “The best reason to start an organization is to make meaning – to create a product or service to make the world a better place. “ This is what our founders of 7knowledge corporation did 30 years ago when they created their first company and continues to be our vision for now and the future.

Kaz Ukigawa and Hatsuko Ukigawa have wanted to create new application paradigm which allows people to utilize computing power wherever at study, at work, or at play.

Still , there is a huge gap between the human and the computer devices.

People have to study how to use the computer device and currently it is not easy as writing on a piece of paper with a pen.

Our Mission

  • Establish information platform to handle, communicate, and store knowledge for individuals and organizations
  • Contribute to evolve the society and peaceful world by supporting smart judgments of humans
  • Conduct advanced research and development for semantic technologies to support humans by computers
  • Pursue new business model for social network era

We have high aspirations to enable all human beings to become more efficient and smarter with the help of the most recent information technology.  We feel seven ways of doing something means “variety”. And that is how 7knowledge and 7notes was born.

7notes is Born

Early in 2010 , when we had a first chance to see the iPad , we suddenly started to understand its benefits. Because of great architecture from Apple, our founders quickly understood this device is totally different from previous tablet devices. They changed the priority of our application development and decided to focus application development for the iPad.

Before the iPad , there was a big digital divide between humans and computing devices.

Because of a keyboard, many people, especially older people, faced difficulty using PCs but the iPad broke this gap with the multi-tap display user interface.

Even though we thought this was a great device, we suddenly realized the poor user experience of the software keyboard. The software keyboard is not the best way to input for a tablet device.

It is very hard to type fast. This is why we started development of a new note taking application.

Our company vision is simple: create Apps to make the world better. 7notes is trying to be a must-have note taking application by redefining text writing and handwriting capability.

Give us a try at the Apple store(iPhone or iPad), follow us on Twitter and ‘like’ us on Facebook.