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After one year we have evaluated our 7notes product and identified that the current pricing needs to be modified.

Our development and production costs have increased and this regrettably means that we need to raise the price of 7notes.

This price increase is something that we must do to provide new and existing customers with the quality of product they expect from MetaMoJi.

The increase will take effect beginning November 26th.


the 7notes team.

“Remember everything” – the great vision of Evernote is being evolved with 7notes , the leading handwriting note application for iPad and iPhone.

7notes provides a superior note taking experience coupled with a state-of-the-art handwriting recognition engine. The popular app can be used for both work and social needs, providing benefits to users across a variety of settings where a keyboard based mobile computer just doesn’t fit. 7notes users capturing information every day using their handwriting include attendees of business meetings, students and teachers, field and office representatives in many industries, engineers, medical and health-care personnel – the list goes on.

The new 7notes Evernote enhancement brings the two apps closer together to deliver increased productivity from the benefits of both. Tag and notebook settings from Evernote are fully utilized, and a “Quick save” offers effortless synchronisation of notes to Evernote; just one button to save notes including pre-defined tags and notebook preferences. Documents can be exchanged with Evernote as simple text, images, and as a 7notes document for complete reusability. Users can choose from these save options as required.

As Evernote aficionados may know, the origin of Evernote comes from the Newton with its handwriting recognition technology. When Phil Libin, the CEO of Evernote, had the chance to use 7notes he was impressed by the accuracy of the handwriting recognition, and by the complete handwriting input experience. This experience is becoming more and more important as tablet usage is increasing worldwide for business and social users, and because languages such as Chinese and Japanese benefit dramatically from good handwriting recognition on these devices.

Evernote and 7knowledge have agreed to continue collaborating in the future with the aim of improving the customer experience for users of both applications. Please feel free to try the 7notes handwriting experience and visit us for more information in the future.

Phil @ MetaMoJi/7Knowledge office



We have just released an updated version of 7notes v1.1 for Ipad!  With the recent release of iOS5, our developers wanted to optimize 7notes to fit this new experience. The updated version now includes adjusted dialog windows for iOS5 compatibility and enhanced connection with Evernote. We hope you enjoy it!

What’s New in Version 1.1

– Adjustment of dialog windows for iOS5 and iPhone 4S
– Enhancement of connectivity to Everenote
– Bug fixes

See the full press release here.

Here are 7 features we think you will like on the new version 1.4 for 7notes.

#1 New wide input area makes the tiny iPhone keyboard obsolete

You should have experienced mistakes by iPhone’s tiny software keyboard. 7notes brings comfortable text input mode which should be much better than iPhone’s tiny software keyboard. The first is “Stroke” mode for handwriting text, the second mode is “Convert” which converts your handwriting to digital font. The third is extended “software” keyboard with originally developed predictive engine.

#2 Import pictures and add notes right on top of them. Various seasonal templates make your writing fun

You can write a memo with your handwriting on your picture. 7notes can use your picture or images as the background. In the new version, 7notes provides tens of original templates for seasonal greetings such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Xmas, birthday or other memorial day message.

#3 Write now, record your thoughts, and digitize them later (Premium Version only)

You don’t have to write or type whole sentences. 7notes has a state-of-the-art predictive engine with natural language technology. An alternative display appears while handwriting or inputting through our predictive engine. Our predictive engine generates an alternative display to suggest the correct word and all you have to do is tap the desired word on the alternative display. If there is more than one alternative, you can extend it to see more alternatives.

#4 Keep track of your important dates and set alarms for your messages– have a tickler file at your finger tips

While writing a memo, you may want it to remind you later as tomorrow morning, next Monday or just before your birthday. For example, write a small memo as “Pass the document to Charlie” and set the alarm as 9am tomorrow. Then the memo appears to remind you. It works offline when you cannot connect to your scheduler.

#5 Share your writing with personal feelings by “Edit it” server beyond any limitation of number of characters

7notes is designed to maximize the power of your messaging to social services beyond limitation of text and the number of characters as twitter has 140 characters. 7notes offers a social writing experience by providing “Edit it” server functions. Post notes to Facebook or Twitter in our 7document format. The viewer of the note can start reediting the note by simply pressing “Edit it” button. The “Edit it” server inherits the same privacy policy of the social network that you are posting to.

#6 Use handwriting to send SMS messages, mail, post to Facebook and twitter, quickly and naturally

In this new version, you can use your handwriting and convert to SMS messages and mails. 7notes has plenty of options to connect to other social and storage services. In a single operation without attachment or any outside application, you can post your note to Facebook, Twitter or store to Evernote, Dropbox and other storage services. 7notes can export and post mixtures of handwriting images and digital fonts separately to e-mail, Twitter, Facebook  and  SMS messages.

#7 State-of-the-art predictive engine makes a little effort for writing and typing

You don’t have to write or type whole sentences. 7notes has a state-of-the-art predictive engine with natural language technology. An alternative display appears while handwriting or inputting through our predictive engine. We improved the accuracy for the predictive engine in version 1.4.

Enjoy the new features!

We just released 7notes 1.4, an update version of the popular application for iPhone that includes new features and functionality to make it easier for consumers to create, share and store notes and memos.

New Features of 7notes 1.4:

  •     SMS messaging
  •     Memo on pictures
  •     Template Gallery for seasonal greeting
  •     Accuracy improvement for the predictive engine
  •     Performance improvement

See the full press release here.