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7notes Web Client is an iPad app that combines the handwriting recognition and prediction technology “Mazec” and a web-browser. On the 14th of February we will release an on-demand webinar that explains what the 7notes Web Client looks like, how it works, and what is needed to use it.  Unlock the freedom of handwriting within your companies existing web based applications.

We will explore how the technology works, what is needed to enhance your users experience, and also some of the case-studies in which benefits have already been delivered.

If you would like to be alerted as soon as the webinar is ready then please email and we will update you.

This is a recording of our live webinar “The World of 7notes for Android” from the 23rd of January 2012.

In this presentation we show 7notes for Android and also the Amazon Kindle Fire and explain the differences between these versions.

The presentation also explains how the Android version of 7notes includes a very powerful feature: the ability to utilise the handwriting recognition and prediction engine from within 7notes (the mazec window) across any application.  This is achieved by installing the Mazec as an advanced input window that works alongside the operating system on the android device and allows the user to activate it for use as required.  In the presentation we show how this works alongside the twitter application and also the “built-in” email application.

Technology moves at such a breakneck speed that if you aren’t following it consistently, you are bound to be left behind.

There has been a lot of research lately about the effects of mobile computing on the elderly. So far the results have been very positive. Research has indicated that older people can read three times faster using the iPad than a traditional book, due to its LED screen. With this knowledge of increased reading speeds for the elderly using digital media, the logical next step is to try to help with writing speed.

With 7notes, we are always trying to close this gap. Our goal is to fuse usability and features seamlessly together and ease the transition into digital notetaking.

We recently talked to Pat, a 82 year old, living in San Francisco. Here is what he had to say about 7notes:

“Technology changes so often. I still remember when using a typewriter was considered high-tech. When the PC became commonplace, I found myself lost with all the options and menus that pop up for such a simple task.

I love that all my notes are in one place. I used to scatter my notes all over my desk and it was always so hard to keep track of them.

The ability to enlarge text makes it so easy to read. Having template for different occasions is useful and being able to actually practice my handwriting is a great plus.

With 7notes, I feel like I’m learning something that I can share with my grandkids.

Thanks a million, 7notes!”

Here is an example of how 7notes can be used in the classroom.

Susan, an employee at a local tech company, is currently enrolled at City College in an extension class.  She had a problem and 7notes came to the rescue.

“My class, “Introduction to Internet Marketing” had a special review seminar. Unfortunately, I missed the session and was left without any materials from which to study from.  I was left with two options; I could either skim through my textbook or review my outdated notes. However, after explaining my dilemma to one of my classmates, she suggested that I install 7notes onto my iPad. At first, I wasn’t sure what the point of using 7notes was compared to my old handwritten notes.

But I soon realized the big difference.

My classmates not only took handwritten notes, but digitally converted them using 7notes. Some of my classmates stored their 7notes documents into Evernote which allowed me easy access to notes, web resources and important comments.  After reading through the stored notes, I could easily understand the topics discussed at the review seminar. Thank you 7notes!”