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Curation in the strictest sense takes interesting information and adding value to it. 7Notes and your mobile device adds immediate value with the ability to annotate any holiday image with words or symbols using the curation feature.
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“Remember everything” – the great vision of Evernote is being evolved with 7notes , the leading handwriting note application for iPad and iPhone.

7notes provides a superior note taking experience coupled with a state-of-the-art handwriting recognition engine. The popular app can be used for both work and social needs, providing benefits to users across a variety of settings where a keyboard based mobile computer just doesn’t fit. 7notes users capturing information every day using their handwriting include attendees of business meetings, students and teachers, field and office representatives in many industries, engineers, medical and health-care personnel – the list goes on.

The new 7notes Evernote enhancement brings the two apps closer together to deliver increased productivity from the benefits of both. Tag and notebook settings from Evernote are fully utilized, and a “Quick save” offers effortless synchronisation of notes to Evernote; just one button to save notes including pre-defined tags and notebook preferences. Documents can be exchanged with Evernote as simple text, images, and as a 7notes document for complete reusability. Users can choose from these save options as required.

As Evernote aficionados may know, the origin of Evernote comes from the Newton with its handwriting recognition technology. When Phil Libin, the CEO of Evernote, had the chance to use 7notes he was impressed by the accuracy of the handwriting recognition, and by the complete handwriting input experience. This experience is becoming more and more important as tablet usage is increasing worldwide for business and social users, and because languages such as Chinese and Japanese benefit dramatically from good handwriting recognition on these devices.

Evernote and 7knowledge have agreed to continue collaborating in the future with the aim of improving the customer experience for users of both applications. Please feel free to try the 7notes handwriting experience and visit us for more information in the future.

Phil @ MetaMoJi/7Knowledge office



A 7notes Thanks

November 24, 2011

Since Thanksgiving is upon us. 7knowledge wants to thank our loyal customers for supporting us and giving us some valuable feedback to improve our products. Please travel safe and see you after the Thanksgiving holiday. – 7knowledge Staff

First of all, what is Purikura?

In Japan, purikura is a photo sticker booth that allows customers to take photos and write on them anyway they want. Most of these machines are themed and have their own way of styling the photos with personalization the key goal.

7notes and Purikura

Although 7notes doesn’t directly have any Purikura features, here is a trick that allows you to mimic the same effect as a Purikura machine. This tip was sent to us by Hiroki, a Japanese user of 7notes.


1) Take a photo

2) Open your 7notes App for iPad

3) Create a New Document

4) Go to Menu > Document Style

5) Tap on Background Image

6) From here, tap on “Select from Album” and the image you would like to write on


At this point, you should be able to write on your photos. Please note that photos may have to be rotated to fit the portrait template that 7notes uses. But after that you should be ready to go.

There are lots of creative ways to use 7notes. If you have any more creative ideas, please feel free to let us know.


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With Halloween only a few days away, we have released FREE Halloween templates for our users for this special occasion.

There are four templates to choose from and many more from our gallery. If you have to send out any invitations to a party, this works great. Also kids love to get their creative juices going with these templates and get to practice their handwriting at the same time. For the upcoming holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, be on the lookout for new themes from our team. And if you have any suggestions for new templates, be sure to let us know!

The 7notes team hopes everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!

Recently, we released 7notes HD Premium v1.1 to the public a few days ago. So far, we are getting great feedback about this new version of 7notes for iPad.

One review of the new version of 7notes that we wanted to highlight is from

Here is an excerpt from the article:

“7Notes HD Premium is an impressive app. I wasn’t sure how powerful the handwriting recognition engine would be but I was thoroughly impressed. It actually provides a great alternative to the keyboard. For the student, in particular, this is an ideal purchase.”

Read the rest of the review here

Here is an example of how 7notes can be used in the classroom.

Susan, an employee at a local tech company, is currently enrolled at City College in an extension class.  She had a problem and 7notes came to the rescue.

“My class, “Introduction to Internet Marketing” had a special review seminar. Unfortunately, I missed the session and was left without any materials from which to study from.  I was left with two options; I could either skim through my textbook or review my outdated notes. However, after explaining my dilemma to one of my classmates, she suggested that I install 7notes onto my iPad. At first, I wasn’t sure what the point of using 7notes was compared to my old handwritten notes.

But I soon realized the big difference.

My classmates not only took handwritten notes, but digitally converted them using 7notes. Some of my classmates stored their 7notes documents into Evernote which allowed me easy access to notes, web resources and important comments.  After reading through the stored notes, I could easily understand the topics discussed at the review seminar. Thank you 7notes!”


“Social doodling” means Share your writing with your friends with “Edit It” server.

7notes HD offers a social writing experience by providing “Edit it” server functions. Post notes to e-mail, SMS, Facebook or Twitter in our 7document format. The viewer of the note can start reediting the note by simply pressing “Edit it” button. The “Edit it” server inherits the same privacy policy of the social network that you are posting to. Users can this feature within Facebook Groups to collaborate amongst friends or as a message board on Twitter. See the video below for an example:


Just wanted to show our community what nice things people are saying about 7notes.

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Rick Martin of Penn-Olson did a great job of taking a video to show you how to 7notes’ ease of use for writing.

This video shows you how 7notes can support your writing in:

  • Handwriting
  • Converting to digital fonts
  • Enhanced software keyboard for fairly long contents as used in a real world.

Video courtesy of Penn Olson

Read the full review here: 7notes Converts Your Handwritten iPad Notes